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Welcome to the New Mess'n'Me Blog!

This blog is about all things sensory and messy play, from simple at home activities to amazing toys and everything in between.

I can't wait to share my experiences, knowledge and love for sensory play with you!

So to start, I am Gemma and I have been running Mess'n'Me for almost 2 years. I started Mess'n'Me as a way to share my love and passion for sensory and messy play with those around me and also provide for my small family. Since starting this business I have learnt an incredible amount enjoyed every moment.

As a fellow mum, I understand the importance of simple cost effective solutions for sensory and messy play at home. For at home activities for my little one I always try to use what I have around the house to create amazing experiences and you will notice a lot of my blog posts will represent this.

I look forward to sharing with you and hope you get as much enjoyment out of the new blog as I do!


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